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To get a better idea what my next step will be for Art by Nature Magazine I started to talk with others, who publish their magazine for real.

First I had a talk with Rob, owner of a publishing agency. He asked the big question:

“Do you want to publish your self or want to let a publisher do it for you?”
I said: “I don’t see myself as someone who does it all. I think you should let people do what they do best.” In my case that is finding great creatives, let them tell their story and make their story in to a great article.
Than Rob asked: “digital or print?”. I was quick to say “I don’t do templates, because all articles are personal”. But this week I got to thinking:” How do I show the digital extra’s in a print edition?” A lot to think about. I send a (too) long email with all sorts of questions and I hope they find my magazine interesting enough to talk a little more. I’m terrible at waiting, but will do my best “)

This Monday I talked with Anjolieke of Square one Magazine, who works on her Magazine one day a week and works 4 days as a graphic designer. Anjolieke does her own writing and interviews. In my magazine I ask questions, but artist write their own story. I really need an editor who checks my article at the end, because I’m a big talker, but not a good writer… For now I have Danielle, a Photographer, who is a native speaker and checks my article, I’m so grateful for her help, but if the magazine should become something real, I need some one who does this for a living… Anjolieke gave me some advice and I’m following her blog, which has great tips and is a great example how to use social media. Because I don’t want to just publish one social media feed and let some app share it with all my other feeds.

Just when I thought the question “How do I want to publish Art by Nature?”couldn’t get even more interesting, I started talking with Kilian Idsinga founder of Let’s explore Magazine. He has a themed “when ready magazine” and has a great website where you find all kinds of info on the articles that are in this magazine. He “only” does the magazine in print, but has a page called featured, where editors that are featured in the magazine are interviewed. After I publish the magazine I spread the word on social media, to get more attention to the featured artist in the magazine, he does this with the featured page on the magazines website. A page like this on my website would be a great way to bring the digital extra’s in Art by Nature Magazine to my readers. I’m looking forward to talk a little more about his magazine and his journey on becoming a publicist!

In the meantime I’m working on edition 6, I already have a lot of submissions, which is amazing. But my focus is also on getting head around what to do next. For now edition 6 will be made the “old” way. But, hopefully same time next month I will have some more progress on how I will develop #7 or #8.

For now I would love to hear from more artist worldwide who would like to tell their story. Go to artbynaturemag.com/submit fill out the form and let’s talk!

Haven’t read edition 5 check http://tiny.cc/ABN5tumblr

Keep you posted!!

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