The deeper you’re inspired by nature, the better! If you're a reader of the magazine, you'll know that most of it isn’t just the traditional idea of “nature”. I love to learn about a profound concept behind the craft. The magazine is about what nature brings out in each artist. From illustration to fashion and photography to architecture, I love the arts!
I like unique images, music, designs, art, and businesses. The magazine tells the story from the artist’s point of view. I really like supporting undiscovered talent, so if you've got something to show us but are still a student or just starting out, please submit it! We want to see the cool stuff you're making!


I will get back to as soon as possible.


  • Edition 8 - May

  • Edition 9 - November

Because I take time to design articles, ask questions or for other information the submissions will be considered until one month before the magazine is launched.